Coco & Ray

How do you help a 66-year-old manufacturing business step into the spotlight with their first custom brand?




Web Development

The Challenge

Baum-Essex, a manufacturer who made a name for themselves producing products on behalf of brands like Nautica, Jones New York, and Steven Madden, wanted to secure an even broader slice of the market by creating their own line of beach apparel and gear. They were aiming to target younger, stylish female customers with a new brand that put design front and center.

The Solution

Coalesce delivered a full brand development kit that included marketplace research, a new name, and a complete brand book including various brand marks and a pattern set engineered for use on physical products as well as their accompanying digital marketing.

01 Brand Workshop

Our on-site branding workshop is the first step in naming and visualizing the brand.We defined a set of attributes that would impact messaging and design. We also used their design-centric goals to create a name that would elicit vacation vibes while speaking to impactful female designers. Coco & Ray, inspired by Coco Chanel and Ray Eames, was the perfect fit.

02 Logotype

Coco & Ray makes covetable beach gear for the modern vacationer. This in mind, we aspired to develop an attainable, fashion-forward aesthetic.

The logotype is a custom construction, utilizing conservative embellishments to bring balance and heighten the charismatic, aspirational and elevated characteristics of the brand.

03 Brand Mark

The brand mark is a geometric palm tree constructed of our branded shape palette.

We developed a branded shape palette consisting of four simple geometric forms. We used these shapes to create a brand mark that reflects Coco & Ray’s artful attention to detail. The shape palette can be utilized to create branded graphics.

04 Color

We developed a simple, temporary landing page to collect emails so the team could more easily sell the concept during pitch meetings with retailers, tease it on their social channels, and collect email addresses of future customers.

We created Coco & Ray to captivate audiences on Instagram and stand out in sales meetings. But we also ended up with an aspirational, sunny brand with piles of style we ourselves would love to shop. Baum Essex plans to launch their first Coco & Ray capsule collection soon and we can’t wait to see their chairs and umbrellas turning heads on seasides next summer.

Carli Baum


"It's not an easy task to create and introduce a new product, but Coalesce was completely up for the challenge and they made it fun, too! Most importantly, our end product is well thought out, complete, and ready for us to use.”