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We are a full-stack product shop with a focus on UX design, strategy, and development. Apps, websites, and digital systems are our expertise. We assemble a nimble team of experts that work directly with you on every aspect of a project to develop a strategy that far exceeds your expectations. So no, we don’t just hand off code. We make user-driven digital products that captivate, inspire action, and break ground. All on time. All in scope. Every damn day.


We translate business goals into actionable product strategy—on time, in scope, and within your budget. Custom site building, app development, and strategy are some our specialities, but, we’re not just a dev shop. We’re committed product partners that keep your customers front of mind, using real-time data to iterate and improve every touchpoint.
We’ve got a unique suite of services tailored for startup-specific challenges—from streamlining onboarding experiences, to creating style guides and UX design reviews. Our cost-effective sprints deliver instant value in weeks instead of months, so you can meet your deadlines head on.
Don’t let agency stresses slow you down. When your bandwidth reaches capacity, or a client needs product strategy outside your wheelhouse, Coalesce can help fill in the gaps by augmenting your existing team in a comprehensive and low-risk way. We adapt quickly and present a seamless front to your clients, operating under the radar and above expectations.

Latest Hits

Inman News

Custom membership platform and paywall.

How do you convince 600,000 monthly visitors to pay for news they already get for free? That’s what real-estate publishing site Inman News asked us to solve. We began by building user profiles to understand behavior and motives. We combined that data with UX best practices to reengineer their entire platform—tackling their primary paywall challenges...and then some. Combined, our smarter and scalable backend platform and cleaner design updates boosted revenue and readership by 30% within 90 days of launch. (Insert mic drop here.)


Phone charging kit e-commerce experience.

Your iPhone won’t charge itself. But Prong wanted to change that. They came to us with an idea for a case with a built-in plug and asked us to help tell their story. We shot a unique and charismatic lifestyle video and designed a responsive checkout to help their PWR Case make a real spark in the marketplace.


Jobs platform.

Crowded wanted to help workers and employers connect by creating a new smart jobs platform that helped employers vet possible candidates. We initially came on board to design a product for gig-based workers, but eventually they pivoted to focus on tech talent. We didn’t waste a minute. We made the necessary tweaks, created a new brand book, redesigned the previous user profile and built a flexible employer portal to match. Now Crowded is enabling employers to chat with potential tech candidates via the channels they use the most. Welcome to the future of hiring.


Pick-up sports social app.

Aleto built a social network to enable everyday athletes to find, join, and host sports, activities, and games with friends and strangers. But when they came to us, their UX was preventing them from reaching the types of users they wanted. They needed a smart gameplan to onboard more athletes. We delivered a comprehensive UX plan that would streamline their signup screens, update their design, and better surface games in the feed—all with the (ahem) goal of helping a user host or attend an activity in real life.

Farmed and Dangerous

Campaign microsite

We believe the digital space is a fantastic medium for experimental story-telling. Chipotle and burritos? Sure. But Chipotle and a web drama? Alongside our agency partners, we helped Chipotle tell a bigger story about food, where it comes from and how it’s made. Through smart interaction, video content and a responsive design we connected Chipotle to consumers who care about more than free refills.


An instant party.

We joined forces with Jukester to build the first wireless Jukebox customized for cruise ships. Through intuitive design and pad-to-pad remote control, Jukester Cruise Edition delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that allows guests to play a hand in the music onboard their ship. Plus, thanks to its scalable and lightweight design, Jukester can replace most Jukebox systems with an overnight install. Instant party.

The Seeker Wines

Your adventure awaits.

Seeker needed to tell a better story about their wines. They wanted to leverage a rich narrative to help their products stand out in a crowded market. In collaboration with our agency partners, Coalesce crafted an immersive digital experience to match; bringing the user into the adventure that is The Seeker...

Entertainment Press Kits

Responsive websites for films.

Crafting an engaging experience to complement a film premier is no walk in the park. Rushed production paired with delayed assets and high expectations are standard fare. Coalesce is producing a series of deployments for eOne Entertainment with all these factors in play. By combining the latest HTML5/JQuery frameworks with intuitive management tools, we are delivering cross-platform experiences that captivate audiences on traditional, tablet and mobile devices.

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