Knopman Marks

How do you redesign and relaunch a massively complex learning management system when school’s always in session?


Financial training company Knopman Marks had been delivering the best student pass rates in the industry. But they were held back by their rapidly-aging tech stack. As a result, their e-commerce operations, learning management, back-end data, and operational functions were becoming unwieldy.

With big industry changes on the way and an increasing focus on online learning, Knopman Marks knew the future of their business was going to require a new platform, but they didn’t know exactly how to get there.

We proposed ripping off their old Band-Aids and starting fresh. The upside of building something brand new? You can craft just what you need to solve the problems at hand.

Holistic Strategy for a Whole Suite of Products

With multiple departments, offerings, and siloed products that needed to be managed under one central location, our primary goal was unification.

We began by crafting a product roadmap that laid out a clear plan of attack to build something that would tie their independent properties together as well as save their team valuable time scaling in the long run.

Scalable, Flexible Platform

We began by designing a custom ecommerce experience with market-specific banking requirements to serve their specific users. Then we created a training center designed to highlight their incredibly-effective teaching style and course offerings.

Finally, we tied everything together with their “dream” backend portal that leveraged best-in-class third party tools with custom workflows that would give them the flexibility to scale alongside their business.

Seamless Rollout

We turned that MVP strategy into high-resolution design comps, clickable prototypes, and custom code. But we also needed to launch without disrupting ongoing operations.

We collaborated with KM to determined launch dates, onboarding for instructors, and a simple and effective marketing plan that would effectively communicate changes to new users. Finally, we supported the launch with our on- site team members to ensure we could make quick updates during the initial few hours of the launch.

Collectively, our new platform ensured the Knopman Marks digital experience now matched their industry-leading pass rates.


Students Migrated

High Fidelity
Design Screens


Hours of development

We told Knopman Marks to dream big. And that’s exactly what they did.
(We eventually named their backend platform after this dream, but that’s another story.) The result was new tools, a better learning experience for students, a smarter LMS for admins, a streamlined ecommerce offering, and a business operations platform that has the space and agility to grow as the industry changes.

Liza Streiff

Knopman Marks

"Coalesce became part of our Knopman Marks family and made us believe in developers again. It was a pleasure working with them.”