Good Folk

A Branding Case Study: How do you design a brand for a music management company that wants to change an entire industry?




Web Development

The Challenge

The role of the music manager is changing. Getting paid for the music you create is vastly more complicated in this age of streaming, syncing, and sharing. Jordan Mattison wanted to find better ways to more reliably pay artists and songwriters through innovative practices
and smarter systems.

The Solution

To launch his business, he needed a name that could convey his vision of transparency and technology, a brand that would stand out, and design that would attract quality artists to his roster.

Coalesce delivered a full brand development kit detailed below. Read more about our solution on our blog

01 Brand Workshop

Our on-site workshop laid the framework for the story and helped us better articulate the vision.

The outcome was a brand book blueprint that propelled us through each step of the process. Plus, we worked towards a brand name—something that was easy to type, fun to say, and communicated the brand’s attributes.

We landed on something that truly captured Jordan’s spirited and approachable way of doing business—Good Folk Music Management.

The naming process was more fun than I expected. My clients have responded really well to Good Folk as a brand and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Jordan Mattison, Founder

02 Logotype

Goodfolk is based in Nashville with a team in New York. This in mind, we thought it interesting to draw on the contrasting tone of the two cities.

The logotype locks together Helvetica and Georgia combining the efficiency of New York with the artisitic flair of Nashville. A resting note was worked into the k to imply ease of mind for the musician client.

03 Brand Mark

Our brand mark evolved from the brand name and took on a characteristic of their very own.

We began by utilizing a variety of styles in the website, but soon enough the Good Folk peace smiley was our favorite choice for brand merchandise, signage, and beyond.

04 Color

Web Design: We developed a temporary landing page after the business was born, but quickly replaced it with a more dynamic, scalable page that incorporated more brand details and context.

Social Media Design: We developed a library of social media templates to be used to promote Goodfolk client work. The templates fit the visual language developed in the brand book.

Marketing Materials: We created a wide range of merchandise and materials to advertise the brand in a dynamic way. The Goodfolk line continues to grow and impress.

Days from ideation to custom site launch

Weeks until profitable

Hats made

In less than 30 days we helped not only stand up an entirely new company, we developed a truly complementary and contemporary brand that will make waves in the music business.

Jordan Mattison


"I was so impressed with their ability to quickly breath life into my brand through creative. Good Folk now truly feels like something unique in the music space.”