Financial Investment News

How do you convince premium newsletter subscribers to click out of their email and into your website?

The Challenge

Industry publishing brand FIN needed to update their premium newsletter subscription product which included creating a more robust website and a more enhanced user experience.

They need to make big changes in order to retain their existing users and to compete as a true digital publisher. However, they were facing outdated design, multiple disjointed product offerings, various tiers of subscriptions, and a bug-prone Salesforce integration. With ancient technology and no internal product team, they didn’t know where to start.

We proposed a strategy centered around a phased approach that would allow us to completely overhaul all of their existing brands, tools, and platforms with minimal disruption while delivering a giant leap forward for their users.

Custom User Portal

We designed a self-service user portal that allowed FIN to better monetize their users by adding ability for discounts, promotions and more flexible payment options.

Their new portal makes it easier to start a new trial and bundle subscriptions.

Automated Publishing Tools

To help create better editorial efficiency, we chose tools that would reduce the labor for daily, weekly, and monthly publishing.

With fewer steps and unconnected platforms required, the FIN team can create more content in less time, freeing up bandwidth for creative pursuits and more free content that helps grow the business.

User Research & Brand Redesign

We developed a consolidated vision and brand book that ensured new web experiences were consistent across products.

The new consolidated brand, FIN News, also gave the editorial team the resources and direction to maintain the brand and build into new verticals without jeopardizing their hard-won aesthetic.

Modern Reader Experience

By relying on user personas and best UX practices, we created a unique “Daily Feed” feature that allow subscribers to easily scan all the day’s headlines.

The best parts of the daily newsletter experience were preserved while adding a host of functionality to make the content easier to browse, search, and save. The result is a daily reading experience that is more engaging and valuable to their loyal subscribers.

Our redesign and optimized platform more than doubled site traffic in less than six months.



Leads converted



Organic traffic


Articles redesigned & migrated

The updated FIN News platform supports new advertising opportunities, new content verticals, and a vastly-improved user experience. Most importantly, by improving writing, editing, and publishing tools, it saves their staff the most valuable resource—time. The FIN team knew that full rebuild would be a lot of work, but they stepped up to the task confidently. By combining the right vision, the right team, and the right effort, they ended up with a world-class digital publishing platform.

Rob Regan

Operations Manager, Financial Investment News

"Coalesce understood what we were looking for and helped translate those goals into technical execution without weighing us down with the minutiae. They were a great fit with our team.”