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How do you implement a giant interactive educational campaign on a small-scale timeframe?

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The Challenge

What’s the best way to educate future car owners about hydrogen fuel cells when they’re not even old enough to drive?

Air Liquide, an industrial gas supply company, wanted to educate the public and change perceptions about the safety and benefits of hydrogen as a fuel, and instead of pitching to current car-owners, they focused their efforts on the next generation of drivers—those under 16. Just like with any user-centric product, we knew that these young age groups would demand engaging storytelling.

So we developed a comprehensive campaign with several digital and physical touchpoints to tell the tale of hydrogen—and make it as cool as humanly possible. The catch? We had less than six weeks to pull off two day-long activations for two different age groups.

Targeted Content for Each Audience

We built a product roadmap that offered creative content and concepts that would be viable by the event deadlines.

The result was two independent campaigns—one for high school students and another for 5-12 year-olds. The high school content was built around future technology referenced in popular science fiction movies and TV shows, including future cars and clean fuel. The festival content was focused on composition of water and it’s many magical properties, including its role in a fuel cell.

Custom Branding with Longevity

We carefully designed each element of the campaigns to be repurposed for future activations.

H2Oh Yeah! was built with a festival booth format in mind. This included a suite of compelling signage and branded printed materials to engage and attract attendees at first glance including custom banners, stickers, temporary tattoos, take-home water bottles, and more.

Immersive Tech and Toys

We created 360 VR videos, custom headsets, and sourced hydrogen fuel cell kits for live hands-on training.

Our easy-to-spot, swipeable iPad content (perfectly suited for small hands) alongside narrated VR videos and wooden models helped encourage discovery while also providing various take-home items with lasting power. Children visiting our booth could interact with the technology and toys at their own pace, providing ownership over the experience and real-time reactions (which helped to draw a crowd).

Engaging Talent and Event Staffing

Our away team was on site for each set up, activation, and demonstration—ensuring the tech was reliable and available.

Having on-site staff who also designed and built the experience results in a safer and more enjoyable environment for those using the tech. Our resident scientist also ran a hydrogen cell workshop and answered questions during a live stage lecture.

Watch our recap of the Orange County STEAM Fest

Combined, our fast-tracked multimedia experiences and products helped showcase the power and potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology to more than 1,000 students in just two days.

Adrianne Wright

PR advisor, Air Liquide

"Coalesce delivered a campaign full of content-rich experiences that mesmerized and mobilized our audience. Plus, they built everything to scale so our team can continue using their products for other audiences.”